This webpage belongs to, which is a website promoting [Jan Zuidhoek (2019) Reconstructing Metonic 19-year Lunar Cycles (on the basis of NASA’s Six Millennium Catalog of Phases of the Moon): Zwolle], which pioneering book is available via this website, and refers to some Wikipedia website pages concerning the third century Alexandrian scholar and great computist Anatolius, who invented, for the purpose of determining dates of Paschal Sunday, the very first Metonic 19-year lunar cycle and became bishop of Laodicea (Syria)..



Anatole de Laodicée (en français)

Anatolio de Laodicea (en español)

Anatolio di Laodicea (in italiano)

Anatolios van Alexandrië (in het Nederlands)

Anatolios von Laodicea (auf Deutsch)

Anatolius of Laodicea (in English)



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